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About us

Working to support the Peel Business Community

The Peel Chamber of Commerce and Industry was founded in 1960 with the aim of understanding the needs of businesses in the area and serving as a voice for business on various issues. We are committed to providing fair and active representation for all members with integrity and ethics. To achieve this, we support businesses and professional organisations, offer a range of support services, promote our members, and lobby for business interests.


Our network extends across the Peel region, helping organisations establish connections in an area that is actively promoting tourism, industry, professional services and trade. The Chamber is dedicated to advancing the interests of its members within the business community and beyond. Businesses, government bodies, and professional organisations recognise that working with a proactive Chamber and its network of members can bring numerous benefits to their activities in the Peel Region.


By working together, the Peel Chamber achieves more for business than individual businesses could accomplish on their own. Membership of the Peel Chamber of Commerce & Industry is an investment in good business.​

The Peel Chamber of Commerce & Industry has six major responsibilities to members:

  • Promote the Chamber as the key representative of the Peel Business Community.

  • Provide a comprehensive business information and resource service to Chamber members.

  • Understand the needs & wants of our members.

  • Lobby the interests of our members to government (at all levels) and other relevant groups / parties.

  • Foster networking opportunities that enable members to share ideas and build on their contact base.

  • Provide relevant training & skills development opportunities for our members.

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