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By becoming a member of the Peel Chamber of Commerce & Industry Inc, you are part of a growing community of businesses that share an interest in further developing the business platform across the region.  

The Peel Chamber provides your business/organisation with access to a range of services and support that will enable you to build connections to knowledge, ideas, relationships and marketplaces.

With new initiatives in place to offer sustainable learning and business development, as well as opportune networking events and industry seminars, the Peel Chamber is at the forefront of business in the Peel Region, providing a solid and secure platform for its members. 

Through a network of partnerships with business related organisations and Local Governments, the Peel Chamber keeps abreast of industry opportunities and initiativbes that are of benefit to its members. The extensive work with the Peel Development Commission and the Royalties for Regions funding, has enabled the Peel Chamber to implement a Business Engagement Strategy that supports long-term economic development for the region. 

Peel Chamber is committed to further expanding its online resources to be the information hub for busineses in the Peel Region. We look forward to updating you on these exciting developments in the coming months. 

If you would like any further information on becoming a Peel Chamber member, please contact the office on 9581 3693 or download the membership information here.

Peel Chamber
Lite Membership

$220 inc GST p/a

Available To:

- Micro Business

- Home Based

- 0 Employees

No Longer Available

Business Membership
$440 inc GST p/a

Ideal for:

- Small to medium business

- 1-10 Employees

- Ideal value and economical for small business

Corporate Membership
$880 inc GST p/a

Ideal for:

- Medium to large business

- Local promotions

- For business with more than one outlet/office in the Peel Region

Corporate members have the advantage of additional membership benefits

Premier Membership
$3300 inc GST p/a

Ideal for:

- Medium to large business/ Local Government/ Partners/ Sponsors

- Significant logo cluster recognition

- Community supportive

Premier sponsors assist the Peel Chamber to sharpen our focus and function through the sponsorship of events and activities

EOI to the Peel
Chamber Board

Ideal for:

- Large business or organisations

- Organisations with a high level of Corporate Social Responsibility

-Those members who demonstrate commitment and sponsorship to the Peel Chamber.

Platinum Sponsors have the opportunity to partner and work alongside the Peel Chamber, focusing on regional projects with a view to growing the economic platform of the Peel Region​

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